Head Doctor of Physical Therapy 

Dr. Jowers is a board-certified sports medicine specialist. He is experienced in a variety of orthopedic injuries including rehabilitation of running injuries, ACL reconstruction, hip labrum surgeries, foot & ankle injuries, and overhead throwing injuries. Dr. Jowers uses the most recent technology and equipment for video analysis and injury screenings to evaluate and design precise prevention training programs for his patients and teams. 

Treatments include functional dry needling, spinal manipulation, and active release technique.  

Relates: to patients through his own experience as an athlete.

Understands: the association among spiritual, mental, emotional, social, and physical aspects of healing.

Seeks: to involve all people in some sort of fun athletic activity starting at a young age so that it carries with them through life.

Dedicated: to preventing injuries by promoting healthy lifestyles and habits.

Believes: that God divinely created our complex and dynamic human body.

Education and Certifications

• Physical Therapist, Board-Certified Sports Medicine Specialist through ABPTS

• Doctorate of Physical Therapy from University of Maryland Eastern Shore

• BS in Kinesiology University of Maryland College Park

• Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, NSCA

• Dry Needling Specialist

• Spinal Manipulative Treatments

• Active Release Technique (ART) Treatments

• APTA-Certified Clinical Instructor

• Certified Instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization, IASTM

Dr. John Jowers