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We Genuinely Care About You!

Physical Therapy

  • We address the entire body to resolve the underlying cause of your pain

  • We appreciate differences between each human body and how we are not created in perfect symmetry

  • We honor the strong linkage between the brain and the body

  • We will work with you to maximize your body's efficiency and performance at all stages of life

  • We use many methods, tools, disciplines, and credentials to maximize your results

Fitness Coaching

  • "We believe in the art and science of being a Performance Coach." –Dr. Liz

  • We believe in high intensity training, interval training, metabolic training, and functional training

  • We master deceleration of the body to prevent injury

  • We plan individualized workouts based upon the needs of each person, group, or team

  • We create a safe environment for performance training

  • We integrate Postural Restoration® into performance training programs

Sports Injury
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