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At Launch, we have a calling to change lives by providing high quality physical therapy and fitness coaching services to various underserved populations and in the greater Washington DC area who may not otherwise be able to benefit from this type of care.


With this as the mission, we have developed a program called LaunchCARES.  Under this program, Launch seeks to offer several services noted below by partnering with non-profits in the DMV which have fitness and health at the core of their missions.  Launch comes along side each non-profit to provide the health and fitness services that they are aiming to bring to their constituents.


This program ultimately seeks to change lives by (1) building a stronger sense of community, (2) nourishing total wellness, (3) boosting self confidence and a positive self image, and (4) improving socialization skills rooted in wellness principles. 


LaunchCARES Services include:

  • LaunchCARES PT

  • LaunchCARES FIT

  • LaunchCARES RUN


  • LaunchCARES BIKE


We began actively seeking partnerships with local non-profits in January 2022. 


Launch is excited to start our first partnership this year offering LaunchCARES PT and LaunchCARES FIT serves.  Click on the SO WHAT ELSE PARTNERSHIP button below to learn more.  Our near-term objective is to firmly establish this partnership and expand our services, and then work towards establishing additional partnerships.


Launch does fundraising to support each non-profit partner and our LaunchCARES services.  Donations of any size or frequency are welcome.  Give monthly through a recurring donation or provide a one-time gift.  All donations are fully tax deductible.  See our other pages under LaunchCARES for more information about donations.  We welcome you to help us truly change lives through broader access to our physical therapy and fitness coaching offerings.

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