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Founder/Doctor of Physical Therapy 

Dr. Wheeler is a physical therapist who specializes in sports medicine, helping athletes with injury rehabilitation, injury prevention and techniques to enhance their personal performance. 

Relates: through the profound personal experience of her own injuries.

Understands: the importance of participating and excelling in sport and in life.

Seeks: new discoveries in science and sports medicine.

Dedicates: herself to teaching and empowering others.

Believes: in the pursuit of dreams.

Education and Certifications

• Doctorate of Physical Therapy - The College of St. Catherine, Minnesota

• B.S. Exercise & Sport Science - The College of St. Catherine, Minnesota

• Small Business & Entrepreneurship - The College of St. Catherine, Minnesota

• Biomedical Ethics - The College of St. Catherine

• Postural Restoration Certified, PRI Institute

• Certified Conditioning Specialist, NSAF

• CPR/AED/First Aid

Dr. Elizabeth Wheeler 

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