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Elaine is a former speech-language pathologist. Since 2012 she has been an independent distributor with the Shaklee health and nutrition company which offers safe, proven and 100% guaranteed vitamins, protein shakes, supplements, healthy aging solutions, sports nutrition, skin care and non-toxic home cleaners.



Relates: by asking questions, listening and building relationships


Understands: how important it is to be part of a caring community where you are addressed by name


Seeks: to continually research and learn more about the role of nutrition in achieving and maintaining optimum health while also seeking easy, family-approved recipes everyone can enjoy 


Dedicated:  ​to helping others live life to the full


Believes: we are made in God’s image


Launch Receptionist

College: University of Maryland (College Park)

Fall 2019 


Major: Kinesiology

Minor(s): Latin American Studies and/or Psychology