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Fitness Coach 

Eric comes from a long history of fitness training and exercise. He teaches Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation with a proprietary training program he has developed combining over 45 years of experience and continuing education within the fitness industry. Working with seniors in fall prevention and proprioceptively enriched environmental workouts brings Eric the most joy.

Relates: to everyone who wants to know why exercise is so important to living a long and healthy life.

Understands: that everyone is different and can be shown how to become the best they can possibly be through patience and education.

Seeks: to enhance lives no matter where they think they are today.

Dedicated: to teach and educate with as much joy as possible.

Believes: that everyone can improve no matter what their situation is or how they feel about themselves.

Education and Certifications

  • Certified Personal Trainer - NASM

  • Corrective Exercise Specialist - NASM

  • Performance Exercise Specialist - NASM

  • Senior Fitness Specialist - NASM

  • Certified Nutritional Coach - NASM

  • National Council of Certified Dementia Care Practitioners

  • Emergency First Responder

  • CPR, Emergency First Aid, AED certified

Eric Lichota

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